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Chance to dive first British naval submarine

Chance to dive first British naval submarine

Postby marteee » 5/26/06

Chance to dive first British naval submarine

Divernet News, dateline 25 May 2006

Divers are invited to join submarine specialist Innes McCartney and the Nautical Archaeology Society in surveying the protected wreck of the Royal Navy submarine Holland V.

"Holland V was the first submarine to be accepted for service by the Royal Navy. This makes it one of our most important submarine wrecks," says McCartney.

Survey expedition dates are 17-18 and 23-25 August, operating from the charter vessel Spartacat out of Brighton Marina.

Participating divers need to have completed the NAS's Researching Submarines (NAS Part 3) course. Those who have not will need to attend the submarines course run in Portsmouth by McCartney from 21-23 August.

The £275 course will involve theory on submarine research and identification (Day 1); a visit to Gosport's Royal Navy Submarine Museum, including the conserved Holland I (Day 2); and a dive on the Holland V (Day 3).

Spartacat has also been booked for 19-20 August for divers who do not wish to participate in the survey but would like to visit the wreck, as licenced visitors.

The dives, in line with the policy of English Heritage to welcome visits to protected sites under visitor licences, will be carried out with McCartney and the NAS, at a cost of £70 per head per day.

Details - NAS, 023 9281 8419; Mark Beattie-Edwards, NAS Projects Manager, mark@nasportsmouth.org.uk
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