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Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Postby doll » 1/18/11

Is the pay good? Do you travel? Do you expedience the world's habitats in an attempt to conserve them? Do you ever get contact with wildlife? Ever have to rescue hurt or sick endangered species? !!??
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Re: Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Postby David » 1/18/11

No job is a good job unless you love the work, regardless of the pay or other benefits. Try starting at http://marinebio.org/oceans/conservation/moyle/ and read all 12 chapters. If you like what you read and even want to know more than maybe wildlife conservation would be a good job for you. Best of luck!
David Campbell
MarineBio Founder/Director
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Re: Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Postby Cetacea » 2/25/11

doll wrote:Is the pay good? Do you travel? Do you expedience the world's habitats in an attempt to conserve them? Do you ever get contact with wildlife? Ever have to rescue hurt or sick endangered species? !!??

I'm always slightly worried when the first question about conservation jobs is whether the pay is good. The truth is that conservation is not a job you can do for money, you will probably spend a lot of time volunteering for no pay at all, at your own cost in order to gather enough experience to apply for paid jobs to start with.
Contact with wildlife is generally discouraged if you are doing research unless you are tagging in which case it may be necessary to capture the animal to fit the tracking device.
Rescuing animals is more wildlife rehabilitation that conservation, two different things.
Generally it's safe to say, wildlife conservation is definitely not what it is made out to be on the television but it is a very exciting field if you are willing to put in the effort and suffer disappointments to reach your goal.
"There is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by observing prisoners held in solitary confinement" - Jacques Cousteau

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Re: Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Postby jorgea » 9/22/12

This is not a job for purely making a living. Much of your free time is devoted to it so you have to enjoy this kind of work regardless of pay and time required
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Re: Is wildlife conservation a good job?

Postby Ghanima » 9/25/12

I think it's also a field involving a lot of politics and disappointment. Not something you should get into if you imagine it being a majestic nature special. Most of the world's endangered species are not charismatic megafauna like polar bears and manta rays. You may be working to conserve the habitat of something like the Belding savannah sparrow, or El Segundo blue butterfly (two of the species here in southern California).
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issue five, brushtail possum, ringtail possum, Green Ringtai

Postby Sandra22 » 12/1/12

Hi there! Wildlife conservation is a good job, as it is helping and giving care to wildlife animals that needs help especially the orphaned and newborn. I would like to introduce wildlife magazine issue five that details about the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the Brushtail Possum and Ringtail Possum.

For more details, see this site: http://www.wildliferescuemagazine.com/issue-five.html

Thank you,
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