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Mike DeGruy, RIP.

Mike DeGruy, RIP.

Postby fpgilbert » 1/27/13

Just found out that one of my favorite marine-bio proponents was killed in a helicopter crash last year. Didn't even realize it until I watched Discovery Channel tonight on the giant squid.

Not gonna lie, I've been shedding some tears tonight.

Mike was such a straightforward and truly excited ambassador for the ocean and its inhabitants. He contributed to my appreciation of the wonderful world that lives beneath the waves.

RIP, Mike. We miss you.
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Re: Mike DeGruy, RIP.

Postby David » 1/28/13

Yeah, that was a sad day, we posted the following as a tribute: http://blog.marinebio.org/2012/02/mike- ... n-octopus/
David Campbell
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Re: Mike DeGruy, RIP.

Postby KristianT » 1/28/13

DeGruy always produced such amazing footage. He will definitely be missed.
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