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Marine Biology school/study abroad/internships?

Marine Biology school/study abroad/internships?

Postby NauticalLife » 12/11/12

Hello All!
I currently live in Kansas which is obviously no where near any oceans but instead in the middle of America. I have always wanted to work with marine animals-fish and vertebrates. I have been contemplating between marine rehabilitation or I don't even know what else I could do, research? I guess my first question is what careers are there interested in marine vertebrate biology (no aquarium/Sea World)? My major as of right now is Biology-Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation. My next question is where would be a good place to study abroad? I need to get some filed work experience and I want to make sure this is my right path. I know everyone says Australia but that is the furthest/most expensive place to go to.
After college I am completely scared/confused on what to do! I have no idea what college or I just don't even know where to start thinking.
Pretty much I am just asking for some guidance as to what this little Kansas girl can do to live out here dream! Any comments or suggestions, I would be beyond grateful.
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Re: Marine Biology school/study abroad/internships?

Postby David » 12/11/12

Welcome! For the kind of jobs that are available to Marine Biologists you might have a look through http://www.getmarinebiologyjobs.com/cri ... y-jobs.php (ignore the ads) as well as the resources we have up at http://marinebio.org/marinebio/careers/. Studying abroad will require some research by you starting at http://marinebio.org/marinebio/careers/ ... chools.asp and having a look through and/or posting in our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/marinebio/. I hope that helps and best of luck!
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Re: Marine Biology school/study abroad/internships?

Postby KristianT » 12/12/12

I don't know if you would prefer to gain experience abroad, but there is a plethora of opportunities within the continental US. I work out of South Florida and almost weekly it seems as though I hear of new volunteer or employment positions. Also, the Caribbean, namely the Bahamas, often is the site of many research projects which always need extra hands. Please keep in mind though, starting 'from scratch', you might have to volunteer before you find a paying position.

Also you should know that freshwater biology and marine biology are almost interchangeable in terms of the science (just not the water chemistry!). Therefore, I would even look in your area to see what opportunities are available for lake/river/creek research. Science is science.

I would be more than happy to chat about this further. If you're interested, please feel free to email me: kristianhtaylor@gmail.com

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Re: Marine Biology school/study abroad/internships?

Postby Izzy » 12/17/12

Another thing you should check out is this awesome program called "Research Experience for Undergraduates" - it's put on by the National Science Foundation, and offers 10-week (or so) PAID internships for undergraduate students to try research for a summer. Just google "NSF REU" or "Research Experience for Undergraduates" and you'll find tons of information on that. I did an REU, and a number of my scientist friends did as well - it's a great way to try something new and see if that research works for you. :)
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