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Palin in the Dark on "Clean Energy" Bill

Palin in the Dark on "Clean Energy" Bill

Postby David » 7/16/09

I wish this was actually surprising... what exactly was McClain and his group thinking? From the Center for Biological Diversity:

Palin in the Dark on "Clean Energy" Bill

In a Tuesday Washington Post opinion piece, famed wolf huntress and soon-to-be-former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ranted about the climate bill recently passed by the House, calling it a "cap and tax dead end" because it would supposedly sever the link between warming-exacerbating energy and economic prosperity. (Hey, Palin asks, why can't we just bleed the planet dry of oil and coal and burn it till we can't burn no more? Really, it's cheaper that way!)

Well, Gov. Palin, the American Clean Energy and Security Act could end up being a dead end -- but certainly not for your reasons. In fact, we're pretty sure if you'd read the House-passed bill, even you might see it's actually a big victory for coal and oil. As the Center for Biological Diversity's Senior Counsel Bill Snape pointed out in another Post piece, between huge dirty energy giveaways and the prospect for bogus offsets blocking real emissions reduction, the current bill is actually a step backward in the climate change fight. Writes Snape, "This is why the House bill's loopholes must be closed in the Senate and the well-established protections of the Clean Air Act reinstated."

Read Palin's uninformed op-ed, Snape's right-on rejoinder, and some wise words on warming's Alaska impacts from Senator John Kerry. Then learn about the shortcomings of the American Clean Energy and Security Act and take action today to make sure it's strengthened as it moves through the Senate.
David Campbell
MarineBio Founder/Director
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