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Marine Biology Research Project

Marine Biology Research Project

Postby MissSparkles » 1/25/12

hi guys, im new here.. i just wanted to ask, i'm a year 11 student, and this year i have to do a detailed research project on a subject of my choice. i've recently found that i'm really interested in marine biology. so, i was thinking i could do a research project on marine biology. But it's such a big topic as a whole, so i need a subsection or.. just a specific section of it, but i have no idea what.
so, if you guys have any suggestions or ideas, that would be really great, :-) :skipper: :dolphin1:
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Re: Marine Biology Research Project

Postby Izzy » 1/28/12

Hey there! Welcome to the forums!

You're right. Marine Biology is a huge topic. Do you have any particular interests? Any habitats or organisms you're interested in?
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