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USC or Eckerd?

USC or Eckerd?

Postby trojan-or-triton » 3/4/12

Hello everyone! I was hoping that you all could provide advice on which college I should go to if I want to become either a marine mammalogist or a marine mammal veterinarian. The two colleges I am deciding between are The University of Southern California or Eckerd College. The University of Southern California is a top notch school with tremendous resources but they do not have a marine biology major whereas Eckerd has a great marine biology program but is a smaller school with fewer financial resources. Based on what I have read, some people encourage prospective marine biologists to study a general science at a prestigious school and specialize later on but others encourage a marine biology undergraduate degree. What would you all recommend?
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Re: USC or Eckerd?

Postby Izzy » 3/9/12

It's a hard question, and a rather personal one. Contact some professors at the two schools - which ones have research you're interested in?

If you want to be a mammal vet you'll need a major pre-med set of classes. You should be able to get those anywhere.

But really, you can get a good education anywhere, you just have to make yourself a place.
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Re: USC or Eckerd?

Postby Marinebio4445 » 3/11/12

I would suggest University of Miami (I will be attending in the Fall). In addition to a great marine science program (number one in the country, one of the top five in the world), their pre-med program is very good. The "marine biology" major is actually a required double major, marine science and biology, so you get a really good basis in the core science skills while still taking classes in marine science and marine biology. The biology major will also help get through the pre-med courses without having to take as many additional. The campus is amazing, the location is probably the best for marine science (even better than Eckerd or USC), and they give really good merit-based and need-based scholarships and grants. I high suggest looking into it :)
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Re: USC or Eckerd?

Postby Ghanima » 4/4/12

I would choose USC. There are two marine mammal centers fairly close by, and you can also get experience volunteering or interning at the Aquarium of the Pacific. You'll also have access to the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island. A bunch of my classmates just spent a semester there and said it was an amazing experience. This (http://nrm.dfg.ca.gov/FileHandler.ashx? ... nline=true) says we have 33 species of marine mammals in FL, versus 25 in Fl (according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ma ... ne_mammals). There are more dolphins in FL, plus manatees, but more pinnipeds in CA, and the blue whale. It all depends what you are interested in.

You may also want to consider UC Santa Barbara as a location to study marine mammals.
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